Jo Malone- The Event

We wish it was Jo Malone every day, all day! We hope you were following our social media platforms for all things #JoMalonexIndia! Here’s an exclusive look at Magnanimous for Jo Malone:

Day 1- A beautiful dinner set-up for the first of many celebrations included a long table for all guests with stunning Jo Malone candles and a personalised Jo Malone box for each guest

Day 2- A full day around Amangbagh as guests explored all things Jo Malone through our installations. Guests stepped into the world of Jo Malone from life size boxes featuring an experience for a specific Jo Malone scent. One box featured the Peony and Blush Suede experience with beautiful florals and dresses hanging, while another featured the Woodsage and Sea Salt experience featuring a canoe and an entire ocean set-up. Other installations included a full Jo Malone pop up store and a full Jo Malone decor take over from candles to the actual perfume bottles around the hotel

Day 3- Our final dinner set-up was nothing less of stunning with candles flushing the walkway towards the outdoor venue. With beautiful chandeliers, personalised menus, and a flower arrangement featuring 10 different types of flowers, this was truly breathtaking.

Our week at Amanbagh was hectic but worth it for this amazing event we were fortunate to be a part of! This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a see you later as we are eagerly waiting for the Jo Malone store to open this summer in Bombay!

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