Délice Launch – Part 1

We were so excited and thrilled for the opportunity to ideate and execute the launch of Chandon’s newest product to hit the Indian market, Délice!

Before we get into the actual two-part event, can we please talk about Délice for a second? We are absolutely in love with the newest sparkling wine that is synonymous with five words— Sweet, Flavourful, Trendsetting, Vibrant, Versatile and Heritage. The bottle is also quite fantastic with a neon orange and blue that you can’t miss. Délice can be enjoyed in three ways on the rocks, chilled or with a slice of fruit, Chandon recommends a slice of orange (which is our personal favourite), lemongrass and ginger, or cucumber in mint! It’s the perfect drink to start summer 2017.

We truly wanted to create a launch strategy that was unconventional, disruptive, unique, and something that was larger than just the on-ground event. We wanted to announce and create buzz about Délice by getting the whole city talking and peak people’s curiosity. So how did we achieve this? We conceptualised and produced a celebrity driven treasure hunt with four influencers— Karan Wahi, Anita Hassanandani, Food Talk India, and Arjun Kanungo driving around the city in branded Ambassadors, on the hunt for something Délice-ious! The Délice hunt spanned from South Bombay to Bandra with prominent, high footfall, iconic points chosen as spots for the clues to be hidden which integrated the brand attributes. With all the Délice branded cars and collateral we surely had eyeballs staring at us!

The race began at Tote on the Turf with blue and orange bagels as breakfast and the Managing Director of Moet Hennessy flagging the hunt off! It was fierce competition as the teams raced from one clue to the other, engaging their followers to help them solve the puzzle. In the end it was Arjun Kanungo and his team that won the hunt for something Delicious and a trip to Epernay to visit the Moet Hennessy distilleries.

The whole event was spectacular with the entire city talking! Stay tune for Part 2 for the Media Launch at night in our next blog!

But first— can you solve one set of clues for the hunt for something Délice-ious? Here are the clues below, lets see if you can guess the locations:

Clue 1)

We know you’re a trend setter,

Délice is flavourful, get to know it better!

Before crossing the sea link, grab some Dairy for the road

Your mom was right, milk will get you into a competitive mode!


Clue 2)

Forget your troubles

Coz we’re serving up some sweet bubbles

If you’re looking for some Good Luck this is the place

Your fortune awaits you, pick up the pace!


Clue 3)

We can’t contain our excitement

See the bottle, it’s so vibrant

It’s now time for your morning cup of Chai

Even the King of Bollywood will see you pass by!


Clue 4)

Versatility at its best,

We enjoy watching you run around, we must confess

Crossing the Bridge to the finish line might seem far

Just ask the Joggers, you’re almost ready for the Délice bar!


Clue 5)

This is your last clue and you’re almost done,

Get to the Fort

Run, Run, Run!

We bring you French heritage where land and sea meet

Welcome to the Délice family, the hunt is finally complete!

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