Montblanc x Unicef – The Launch

It was a grand evening as we celebrated the official Montblanc UNICEF launch in Mumbai on May 2nd. Montblanc showcased “Montblanc for UNICEF,” unveiling the new collection featuring writing instruments, stationery, leather goods, watches and jewellery.

The night started off as guests arrived at the Astor Ballroom of the St. Regis as they interacted with craftsmen and artisans showcasing the products in various forms— from a calligrapher to a leather engraver. Guests also had the unique opportunity to write on a life-size chalk board any message to the UNICEF children that were being supported. With fun elements like a GIF booth and of course drinks to get the night started, guests finally took their seats for a beautiful sit down dinner where each table was labelled with a prominent children’s author name.

Montblanc’s brand ambassador AB de Villiers, captain of the South African International Team, was present at the event to highlight the key message of the entire campaign, “Writing opens up the world. Pass on the precious gift.” With other well-known faces and prominent figures, including Shahid Kapoor, the black tie affair was one for the books!

A fusion menu featuring a modern twist on the Indian cuisine, a presentation on the entire UNICEF initiative, and lively music to accompany the dinner, guests truly enjoyed an amazing event for a great cause

Délice Launch – Part 2

The Délice launch didn’t just end with the hunt! Part 2 of the event featured the Délice Media Launch- Bringing together the city’s hottest Chef’s – Kelvin Cheung (One Street Over, Bastian), Alex Sanchez (Table, Magazine Street Kitchen), Prateek Sadhu (Masque), Shilarna Vaze & Christopher Perrin (Gaia Gourmet), Pooja Dhingra (Le 15 Patisserie), Viraf Patel (Cafe Zoe) – to serve up their interpretation of Délice, and France meets India. This was truly a one of a kind experience as it was the first time that 6 of the city’s most well-known chefs came together to create a customised menu complimenting Délice.

The outdoor space of Tote on the Turf was beautifully created into a Délice garden with orange trees, a stunning waterbody, and fun and quirky elements like a Délice popsicle cart. Move on to the inside and you’re seeing a whole lot of blue and orange just like the bottle whether it was the chefs stalls, the bar, the console and our hanging decor.

The evening began with a speech by Sophie Sinha, the marketing head of Chandon, Stephane De Meurville, the managing director of Moët Hennessy, and Gustavo, the creator of something Délice-ious explaining how Délice came about in India. To harmoniously integrate part 1 of the launch with part 2, Sophie led the media on a hunt to reveal the chefs while highlighting Délice’s brand attributes. As all chefs were revealed, they joined the Chandon team at the bar to officially pop the first bottle of Délice for the launch!

Everyone (including us) were head over heels in love with the food presented and created. Every single detail was so thought out and beautiful plated and we surely went for seconds, thirds, and even fought for the last plate!

The night was spectacular with the best of the best attending including our influencers as they mingled, danced, and partied the night away! The night was truly Délice-ious as our guests drank Délice chilled, on the rocks, and with a slice of orange!

Délice Launch – Part 1

We were so excited and thrilled for the opportunity to ideate and execute the launch of Chandon’s newest product to hit the Indian market, Délice!

Before we get into the actual two-part event, can we please talk about Délice for a second? We are absolutely in love with the newest sparkling wine that is synonymous with five words— Sweet, Flavourful, Trendsetting, Vibrant, Versatile and Heritage. The bottle is also quite fantastic with a neon orange and blue that you can’t miss. Délice can be enjoyed in three ways on the rocks, chilled or with a slice of fruit, Chandon recommends a slice of orange (which is our personal favourite), lemongrass and ginger, or cucumber in mint! It’s the perfect drink to start summer 2017.

We truly wanted to create a launch strategy that was unconventional, disruptive, unique, and something that was larger than just the on-ground event. We wanted to announce and create buzz about Délice by getting the whole city talking and peak people’s curiosity. So how did we achieve this? We conceptualised and produced a celebrity driven treasure hunt with four influencers— Karan Wahi, Anita Hassanandani, Food Talk India, and Arjun Kanungo driving around the city in branded Ambassadors, on the hunt for something Délice-ious! The Délice hunt spanned from South Bombay to Bandra with prominent, high footfall, iconic points chosen as spots for the clues to be hidden which integrated the brand attributes. With all the Délice branded cars and collateral we surely had eyeballs staring at us!

The race began at Tote on the Turf with blue and orange bagels as breakfast and the Managing Director of Moet Hennessy flagging the hunt off! It was fierce competition as the teams raced from one clue to the other, engaging their followers to help them solve the puzzle. In the end it was Arjun Kanungo and his team that won the hunt for something Delicious and a trip to Epernay to visit the Moet Hennessy distilleries.

The whole event was spectacular with the entire city talking! Stay tune for Part 2 for the Media Launch at night in our next blog!

But first— can you solve one set of clues for the hunt for something Délice-ious? Here are the clues below, lets see if you can guess the locations:

Clue 1)

We know you’re a trend setter,

Délice is flavourful, get to know it better!

Before crossing the sea link, grab some Dairy for the road

Your mom was right, milk will get you into a competitive mode!


Clue 2)

Forget your troubles

Coz we’re serving up some sweet bubbles

If you’re looking for some Good Luck this is the place

Your fortune awaits you, pick up the pace!


Clue 3)

We can’t contain our excitement

See the bottle, it’s so vibrant

It’s now time for your morning cup of Chai

Even the King of Bollywood will see you pass by!


Clue 4)

Versatility at its best,

We enjoy watching you run around, we must confess

Crossing the Bridge to the finish line might seem far

Just ask the Joggers, you’re almost ready for the Délice bar!


Clue 5)

This is your last clue and you’re almost done,

Get to the Fort

Run, Run, Run!

We bring you French heritage where land and sea meet

Welcome to the Délice family, the hunt is finally complete!

Trend Alert: Vogue Photo Booth MET Gala 2017

Trend Alert: We’re obsessed with the Vogue photo booth from the #MetGala this year! The booth was nothing short of iconic as art and fashion came to life with colors, textures and bringing the theme full circle, avant-garde. Multimedia design and production company Sila Sveta made light and sound installations that transported you to otherworldly spaces, inspired by Rei Kawakubo the conceptual fashion designer of this years’ Met Gala.

Jo Malone- The Event

We wish it was Jo Malone every day, all day! We hope you were following our social media platforms for all things #JoMalonexIndia! Here’s an exclusive look at Magnanimous for Jo Malone:

Day 1- A beautiful dinner set-up for the first of many celebrations included a long table for all guests with stunning Jo Malone candles and a personalised Jo Malone box for each guest

Day 2- A full day around Amangbagh as guests explored all things Jo Malone through our installations. Guests stepped into the world of Jo Malone from life size boxes featuring an experience for a specific Jo Malone scent. One box featured the Peony and Blush Suede experience with beautiful florals and dresses hanging, while another featured the Woodsage and Sea Salt experience featuring a canoe and an entire ocean set-up. Other installations included a full Jo Malone pop up store and a full Jo Malone decor take over from candles to the actual perfume bottles around the hotel

Day 3- Our final dinner set-up was nothing less of stunning with candles flushing the walkway towards the outdoor venue. With beautiful chandeliers, personalised menus, and a flower arrangement featuring 10 different types of flowers, this was truly breathtaking.

Our week at Amanbagh was hectic but worth it for this amazing event we were fortunate to be a part of! This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a see you later as we are eagerly waiting for the Jo Malone store to open this summer in Bombay!

M Alert: Magnanimous x Montblanc

We’re so excited to share with you that Magnanimous will be working with Montblanc for the official Montblanc UNICEF launch in Mumbai on May 2nd. Over 13 years, Montblanc has donated approximately $10 million to the United Nation’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Through their funding, they have helped improve learning conditions for more than 5 million children throughout the world by providing quality leaning material and better teaching. On May 2nd, Montblanc will showcase “Montblanc for UNICEF,” by unveiling new collections in the following product categories: writing instruments, stationary, leather goods, watches and jewellery. AB de Villiers, captain of the South African International Team and Montblanc’s new brand ambassador will be in attendance to highlight the key message of the entire campaign, “Writing opens up the world. Pass on the precious gift.” Along with other celebrities and  well renowned figures in Bombay, the black tie affair filled with entertainment, craftsmen and artisans showcasing the products, a beautiful sit down dinner, and unique entertainment will be one for the books! Watch this space for updates from our set-up to the final event!

Jo Malone Takeover

It’s T-3 days for production of the Jo Malone launch in Amanbagh, Jaipur! As promised we want to keep you in the loop on all things Jo Malone from, production to the final event. Our Jo Malone team will be taking over our Instagram and Facebook pages for stories, post and even live videos! We are so excited for the launch and can’t wait to share the experience with you! You can get more updates on @magnanimousgrp or search for the hashtag #JoMalonexMagnanimous for more exclusive coverage!

Introduction to M by Magnanimous

People always ask us what we do and to be honest, it’s a whole lot of everything. While a picture on social media is worth a thousand words, we wanted to give you more. So here it is, presenting M by Magnanimous – a window into the life at Magnanimous Headquarters and our take on the global luxury and lifestyle industry. From food, fashion, art & design to entertainment, travel and more, we want to share everything with you. The ins and outs, the do’s and don’ts, what’s hot and what’s not, you get the gist. Come and indulge in the finer things in life, the M way, every day.

M’s top 5 moments of 2016

Scrolling through our Instagram on a Thursday, the only hashtag we see trending on every picture

is #TBT. So, we’re feeling nostalgic, naturally. 2016 was an amazing year filled with brand launches, star-studded events, pop up parties and lots of travel. Did we also forget to mention lots and lots of champagne to celebrate it all? Here is a recap of our top five favourite moments from 2016.

1.   Christian Dior Parfume Launch at Select City Walk, Delhi

“40,000 roses and a whole lot of perfume”- Natasha Manilal, Senior Client Servicing Executive

It was honestly such a fun project to be a part of. This was our first perfume brand that we worked with, and who better than Christian Dior Parfums? A giant wall of roses, champagne, hors devours, master classes, and the best of Delhi and Bombay in attendance, it was Dior wonderland!

2.   W Goa Launch in Mumbai, India

Bringing Goa to Bombay, literally” – Farah Khan, Director, Client Servicing

W, being a brand known for its disruptive ideas and bold fashion statements really challenged me to put on my creative best, and it was worth it because we created an experience unlike any other – A screen opening into the Goan waters, venue walls transformed into Portuguese houses, Karaoke rickshaws, sandpits, and an exclusive fashion show by Sachin and Babi.

3.   Priyanka and Varun Wedding

A big fat beautiful Gujarati wedding in the City Of Lakes” – Shweta Joshi, Director, M Weddings

After months and months of planning and coordination, the day finally came for us to go to Udaipur for Priyanka and Varun’s wedding. Attention to detail was key with every element from logistics to decor and I was in awe of the entire Magnanimous team for their dedication and collective effort to execute a wedding at this scale.

4.   MICE Movement for Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) in Krabi, Thailand

“Sea, Sun, Sand, Thai Curry, and BARC”- Saachi Jhaveri, Junior Client Servicing Executive

It was the company’s first MICE Movement that I was fortunate enough to take on and it was such an incredible experience overall. I think the most satisfying part was seeing all our hard work come to life, right from car coordination to dining and entertainment to excursions and on-ground logistics. We are currently working with BARC on their MICE Movements for 2017 and are so excited for what’s to come!

5.   EO Olympian Night

Amongst those that make our country proud”- Farah Khan, Director, Client Servicing

It was such an honour to be able to execute an event dedicated to our country’s heroes. My favourite moment was seeing the excitement in the children’s eyes as they went up and got autographs from all the medal-winning Indian Olympian athletes that participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics.